About us.

Copernicus Fund is a small, lean organization that helps Bay Area entrepreneurs get off the ground. We’re located in San Francisco, California at the base of Coit Tower. Our leader is Christopher White, a 5th generation San Franciscan with a long family history of community leadership and local business development. Christopher founded Copernicus Fund to celebrate the longstanding Bay Area entrepreneurial spirit.

Christopher’s diverse business interests most recently led to the construction and opening of Rickshaw Stop, a 400-capacity live music venue located in downtown San Francisco. Christopher knows firsthand the satisfaction of seeing small business ideas grow from casual conversation to brick-and-mortar realities. Along the way, he has met many other people with inspiring ideas. Copernicus Fund allows Christopher to give others the same opportunities for success that he had.

Christopher is on the board of the Office of Letters and Light, the world’s largest writing organization, offering programs that provide young and adult writers with encouragement and structure. With two young sons in elementary school, he is actively involved within the parent-teacher organization and the community.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Christopher spent an eye-opening decade as a professional tour guide, traveling to hundreds of places around the world. He was particularly taken with Southeast Asia. Still most happy when adventuring, Christopher prefers to sleep under the stars and is a big believer in taking plunges to reap great rewards, both literally and figuratively.