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We Listen.

We want to hear your idea. And you can rest assured that we are going to listen, because Copernicus Fund is all about keeping it personal. All of our loans are customized and fair, with interest rates and loan terms based on a joint discussion of your project. Currently, Copernicus Fund is positioned to offer loans between $5,000-$20,000.

Although not all ideas will necessarily be a good fit for Copernicus Fund, we will work together to determine whether our resources suit your needs. Knowing that big banks often turn away those with no banking history or simply won’t entertain loans below $50,000, we want to provide an ethical means of fairly providing small business ventures with the capital they need to thrive.

Customized terms.

Our terms will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but they will always be combined principal and interest loans. We can customize an amortization schedule based on your business plan and will work with you to find an equitable interest rate. Being a small lending firm with sole proprietorship gives Copernicus Fund a few advantages. Large banks need the same infrastructure and staffing to loan someone $10,000 as they do to loan $600,000 – this resource allocation enters into their cost-benefit analysis. As a smaller venture, Copernicus Fund is in a position to offer immediate and personal loans on our own terms.

If you have a financial need that’s preventing you from being able to realize a dream, then we’d love to talk to you about ways to meet it. If after an initial phone call or email, we think Copernicus Fund might be a good match for you, then we’d like to meet in person to discuss your loan. We will address loan terms and customize a program that best suits your idea.

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Who we serve.

We’re interested in business ideas of all types. needs to be a sub title
Pilates studios, ice-cream stores, landscaping ventures, graphic-design studios, custom printed T-shirts, taco trucks, dog-walking services, and the myriad of other ventures that are waiting to be discovered.

Who We Serve